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31 Jan 2018
Editing Milky Way Photography

How I Photograph the Ocean

It’s fair to say that a lot, urm make that most, of my imagery focuses on the Ocean, seascapes and moving bodies of water such as rivers and waterfalls. How I photograph the Ocean is something that I do for myself, my way of looking and interpreting the motion of Mother Nature’s most powerful entity is a spiritual and emotional journey. The Ocean connects many people, it is an incredibly powerful entity that draws our gaze whenever it becomes agitated, […]

27 Sep 2017
mystery big cats of Iriomote island

What the heck is the ‘Yamapikarya’?

A sense of adventure has always been something burning away inside of me. I would often find my imagination drifting off on adventures to lost lands, discovering mystery big cats in jungles with no names or encountering a lost tribe for the first time. As a wayward young lad growing up on the South Coast of England I would wish away the weekdays in order to be free of my schooling shackles. With each weekend came the opportunity to explore […]

21 Sep 2017

Combatting Light Pollution in Astrophotography

Combatting light pollution is the main task when trying to photograph the spectacle of the Milky Way. Sadly in our ever populated World there remain fewer and fewer locations classified as ‘Dark Sky Locations’ where the amount of ambient light pollution presents little to no problem for the intrepid astrophotographer. That said one doesn’t simply avoid light pollution by driving ten minutes into the wilderness. So prevalent is ambient light pollution these days that when filming my last Time-lapse movie […]

18 Aug 2017
KANI Filters

KANI Filters

KANI Filters? I’d never heard of them until recently. A good buddy of mine started using them here in Okinawa after having been approached by the company given he’s one of the more pre-eminent photographers on the island. What first struck me about the KANI Filters was the build, made from durable German Schott B270 classification glass they are solid. These are tough drop in filters that are used with one of their own proprietary KANI Filter holders or, as […]