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Photography Bootcamp

Photography Bootcamp: The Basics

Designed for beginner photographers our 'Photography Bootcamp Workshop' aims to instil a basic understanding to the foundations and mechanics of the photographic process.

Landscape Photography Workshop

Landscape Photography for Beginners

Okinawa is a veritable treasure trove for the avid Landscape Photographer. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge on how to go about capturing that beauty.


Six Of The Best!

Not a Workshop but a tour taking in six of my, thus far, favourite photographic locations in Okinawa in one day. See where I shoot and I will guide you as to how I shoot them.

Long Exposure Photography Workshops

Long Exposure Photography Workshops

Rivers and waterfalls become liquid silk when using this preferred technique of the dedicated landscape photographer.

Macro Photography Workshop

A Beginners Guide To Shooting Macro Photography

Macro Photography is so much more than getting close to bugs. This is your introduction to this awesome genre.

Milky Way Photography Workshops

Learn the specific technique to shooting the majestic sight of the Milky Way as it arches over Okinawa.

Weekend Walks

A Weekend Walk in the Woods

A completely mixed bag of imaging in the Northern regions of the island. Wildlife, Night Skies, Landscapes, it's all there...

Introduction to Time-lapse Photography

This one day workshop is designed specifically for those with little to no experience in in this increasingly popular genre.

Advanced Macro Photography

Advanced Macro Photography Master Class

Looking to take your macro photography up a notch? Bring your 'A' Game and you'll be shooting awesome macro images in no time!

Smart Device Imaging Workshop

Smart Device Imaging Workshop

My 'Smart Imaging' workshop is designed to teach all there is about the art of smart device creative imaging.

Long Exposure Workshop

Iriomote Long Exposure Workshop

Travel with us to the incredible island of Iriomote to learn about and master the art of long exposure photography. Waterfalls, rivers and the Milky Way will be your subject material.