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Category : BTS

31 Jan 2018
Editing Milky Way Photography

How I Photograph the Ocean

It’s fair to say that a lot, urm make that most, of my imagery focuses on the Ocean, seascapes and moving bodies of water such as rivers and waterfalls. How I photograph the Ocean is something that I do for myself, my way of looking and interpreting the motion of Mother Nature’s most powerful entity is a spiritual and emotional journey. The Ocean connects many people, it is an incredibly powerful entity that draws our gaze whenever it becomes agitated, […]

23 Oct 2017
Sunset Photography

How I Got the Shot: Mermaids Mist

Sunset Photography is always something that figures high not just in my but for all landscape photographers minds. It started out as a great day, most of the morning was bathed in warm sunshine, but that turned sour later in the afternoon. I thought I was on for a great sunset, it certainly looked that way but then something went sour. Blue skies and white clouds were soon replaced with slate greys and dark ominous clouds, as the wind shifted […]

14 Mar 2017
Trash Bags and Scotch Tape

Trash Bags and Scotch Tape

Trash Bags and Scotch Tape! It never ceases to amaze me that these two commodities rank as probably the most important accessories to figure in any¬†photographic gear bag. Take yesterday for example. Along with an additional 13 Photographers I was part of a shoot in Okinawa, Japan for the SK-II cosmetics line for Women. Some 140 leading global luminaries and brand ambassadors in the form of bloggers, ‘YouTubers’ and even one member of a popular K-Pop Girl Band converged on […]