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Please feel free to reach out with any questions or queries you may have for any form of imaging you think I may be able to provide for you. I look forward to meeting and working with you and respect the fact that you are entrusting your memories with me. You can rest assured that I will rise to the challenge in providing you with the best service you could expect to receive.

Trips and Courses
With regards to the Trips and Workshops, the listed entries are the range of courses that I offer at this time. I regularly schedule courses on a monthly basis so be sure to check back if the course you are interested is fully booked at this time. There's a real chance that this same course will be run again in the not too distant future. If you also think of a style of imaging that is not listed please also reach out with questions on that. I have listed the main genres that I think would attract the most interest but also shoot a further range of imaging too.

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Should you wish verbal contact please feel free to contact me via skype or my office cell.

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When visiting Okinawa we all ask that you do your bit and respect others and the environment of the island. Please take your litter home with you or dispose of it correctly, thanks.

In Life, Be Happy!

We all get down but rest assured the best tonic for life is happiness. Okinawa has a stunning aesthetic and wonderful people, so leave your troubles behind to really enjoy the island vibe.