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Tag : Photographer Based in Okinawa

07 Nov 2017

Okinawa 2018 Calendar

As the year comes to a close my 2018 Calendar takes shape. Well I guess it’s that time of year again, the build up to ‘Chrimbo’ albeit tentative steps. I try to get my best images arranged by about this time each year so as to comprise my Calendar offering for the coming year. Having only moved to Okinawa at the beginning of this year I’ve had a blast shooting landscapes and a range of commercial options since that arrival. […]

06 Mar 2017
Cancelled photoshoots

When the Model Cancels

Cancelled photoshoots. I’d been waiting for the day for a while. Having just made the move from Yokohama to the ‘paradise’ setting of Okinawa and as I’m diversifying my imaging options I’d booked a model for a first test shoot. I say ‘booked’ as it seems the given term in the grand scale of things. Truth be told, with the large US Military presence there’s a sizeable community of folks, may of them service dependants who get involved with the photographic […]