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Tag : Okinawa Island

07 Nov 2017

Okinawa 2018 Calendar

As the year comes to a close my 2018 Calendar takes shape. Well I guess it’s that time of year again, the build up to ‘Chrimbo’ albeit tentative steps. I try to get my best images arranged by about this time each year so as to comprise my Calendar offering for the coming year. Having only moved to Okinawa at the beginning of this year I’ve had a blast shooting landscapes and a range of commercial options since that arrival. […]

23 Oct 2017
Sunset Photography

How I Got the Shot: Mermaids Mist

Sunset Photography is always something that figures high not just in my but for all landscape photographers minds. It started out as a great day, most of the morning was bathed in warm sunshine, but that turned sour later in the afternoon. I thought I was on for a great sunset, it certainly looked that way but then something went sour. Blue skies and white clouds were soon replaced with slate greys and dark ominous clouds, as the wind shifted […]

06 Oct 2017
How I got the shot

How I Got the Shot – Taming the Raging Seas

‘How I Got the Shot’ is a new feature of my web presence. An increasing number of friends and followers are asking me that very same question so I thought it could be best to share my work mindset and accomplishments in an educational aspect too. What’s more I will also be offering each shot I highlight as a computer desktop image to those willing to support my work via Patreon. More about this later. OK, so to this first […]

21 Sep 2017

Combatting Light Pollution in Astrophotography

Combatting light pollution is the main task when trying to photograph the spectacle of the Milky Way. Sadly in our ever populated World there remain fewer and fewer locations classified as ‘Dark Sky Locations’ where the amount of ambient light pollution presents little to no problem for the intrepid astrophotographer. That said one doesn’t simply avoid light pollution by driving ten minutes into the wilderness. So prevalent is ambient light pollution these days that when filming my last Time-lapse movie […]

20 Jun 2017
Okinawa Model Resource

Okinawa Model Resource

It’s been something I’ve been mulling over for a while. Someone asked me a while back whether there is a good, active and up to date model database on the island. An Okinawa Model Resource as it were. An Agency? Something beyond that maybe. I know there are a lot of people who like the idea of modelling, or see themselves as model material, but in reality there’s a greatly reduced number of ‘models’ who actually ‘get it’ with regards […]

24 May 2017
Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset, a moment when it seems the island slows, almost stops, where the gaze turns Westward. Whilst I’ve been on the island just a couple of months it’s still too early in the year to suggest I’ve come anywhere closely associated to witnessing the craziness of a true Okinawa sunset. The balmy days of Summer, whilst approaching, are yet to get into their full swing. A noticeable swing in the heat and humidity index suggests my wait will not […]

11 Apr 2017
Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot

Laya’s Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach

Packing for the Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach in Okinawa got me thinking about my transition from wildlife to people imaging. Not that I’m in any way planning to reduce my wildlife imaging activities, far from it, but I can say at this time that I’m pretty positive about adding people imaging to my ‘bag of tricks’ as it were. Whilst I do have extensive knowledge and experience in using on camera flash, particularly in the realm of […]

08 Mar 2017
Shooting Samantha

Shooting Samantha

“Shooting Samantha”? Hmmm, I’d been wondering about the name of the blog entry I was already starting to formulate in my mind about this, my first model shoot on the island of Okinawa. Truth be told my first real model shoot, period! I’d helped people with imagery in the past, a wedding here, a party there but for the most part as a direct result of friends requesting a few piccies, that and family events etc. This was a whole […]