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31 Jan 2018
Editing Milky Way Photography

How I Photograph the Ocean

It’s fair to say that a lot, urm make that most, of my imagery focuses on the Ocean, seascapes and moving bodies of water such as rivers and waterfalls. How I photograph the Ocean is something that I do for myself, my way of looking and interpreting the motion of Mother Nature’s most powerful entity is a spiritual and emotional journey. The Ocean connects many people, it is an incredibly powerful entity that draws our gaze whenever it becomes agitated, […]

22 Dec 2017

Life, Filtered by KANI

Landscape photography is potentially the most adhered to genre in imaging bar none. I was recently asked if I could edit a string out of imagery from a wealth of photographers, myself included, who have been supported by the KANI Optics distributors in Japan. KANI Optics make some of the finest photographic filters for landscape photography currently on the market. I have recently also just finished the gruelling ten week video project named ‘Photographing Okinawa‘ that saw me take in […]

25 Aug 2017
Landscape Photography Workshop

Tips for better Sunset Photography

Sunset photography, in itself trying to capture Mother Nature’s finest light show is ultimately the biggest challenge for most cameras. Challenging due to the massive scope of dynamic range of light from glaring sun to dark shadows all within the same scene. Most cameras will simply compensate for the light closing down the Iris leaving darker areas pretty much rendered as silhouettes. To combat that most portrait photographers will counter with a strobe to fight against the power of the […]

21 Aug 2017
Camera Dilemmas

Wow, you’ve got a great camera…

Camera Dilemmas? Do you often find yourself comparing your imagery with that of your friends or shooting buddies? Especially those with camera you feel are of a lower standard than your own? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I think to an extent most people are concerned about the cameras they have, especially if for them photography is more than just a fleeting aspect of their daily routine. Ansel Adams, one of who many believe to be one of the photographic […]

24 Jul 2017
Milky Way Photoshoots in Okinawa

Milky Way Photoshoots in Okinawa

Milky Way Photoshoots in Okinawa? But doesn’t the Milky Way come out at night? This was the first question the good wife asked a while back when I mentioned about shaking up the imaging services to add something unique. To prove the point that it could be an option I packed the car, and family and headed over to Hamahiga Island on the night prior to the recent New Moon. With just 1% Moon cover it was set top be […]

11 Apr 2017
Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot

Laya’s Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach

Packing for the Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach in Okinawa got me thinking about my transition from wildlife to people imaging. Not that I’m in any way planning to reduce my wildlife imaging activities, far from it, but I can say at this time that I’m pretty positive about adding people imaging to my ‘bag of tricks’ as it were. Whilst I do have extensive knowledge and experience in using on camera flash, particularly in the realm of […]

26 Mar 2017
Family Photoshoot Giveaway

Family Photoshoot Giveaway!

Have you always intended to get that fun Family Photoshoot arranged but never quite gotten around to it? Well time is running out and especially so if you’ve got young kids in the mix. As parents we all cringe when we see just how fast that precious family time slips past, before we know it the kids are all grown up and definitely not into the family hugs and squeezes that, image wise, go to make great family moments and […]

24 Mar 2017
Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel

Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel

Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel, certainly Okinawa’s most impressive ‘Haikyo‘ or ruin, is found to the West of the tourist attraction that is the Nakagusuku Castle, unlike the Castle however, this infamous resort is not officially open for public access. It is at this point that I must add that this post should not in any way be deemed as an green light, an open invitation to visit the crumbling remnants of what were at some point in time one man’s dreams. There are […]

22 Mar 2017
Amelia's Photoshoot

Amelia’s Photoshoot

Amelia’s photoshoot was looming, it had been cancelled twice previously due to inclement weather. Given the time of year the rain was to be expected. I’d come to Okinawa as a wildlife photographer looking to diversify my imaging portfolio adding people imaging to my quiver of services offered. If I am to make a living with imaging it needs to be in a genre with greater demand in the mainstream, something with greater appeal to the public in general. Thus […]