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Tag : Japan

31 Oct 2017

Cape Hedo Okinawa

Cape Hedo in Northern Okinawa is one of the leading tourist spots on the island. Dramatic and sweeping vistas of sheer cliffs to the North and the potential for great sunsets to the West. On a recent trip to photograph Northern Okinawa, I found myself battling to the top of a seldom visited escarpment, to check out not just Cape Hedo but also the rest of that region of the island including the expanse of greenery known as the Yanbaru […]

21 Sep 2017

Combatting Light Pollution in Astrophotography

Combatting light pollution is the main task when trying to photograph the spectacle of the Milky Way. Sadly in our ever populated World there remain fewer and fewer locations classified as ‘Dark Sky Locations’ where the amount of ambient light pollution presents little to no problem for the intrepid astrophotographer. That said one doesn’t simply avoid light pollution by driving ten minutes into the wilderness. So prevalent is ambient light pollution these days that when filming my last Time-lapse movie […]

18 Aug 2017
KANI Filters

KANI Filters

KANI Filters? I’d never heard of them until recently. A good buddy of mine started using them here in Okinawa after having been approached by the company given he’s one of the more pre-eminent photographers on the island. What first struck me about the KANI Filters was the build, made from durable German Schott B270 classification glass they are solid. These are tough drop in filters that are used with one of their own proprietary KANI Filter holders or, as […]

18 Jun 2017
Hokkaido Road Trip

Hokkaido Road Trip

One of my highlights thus far in Japan, my recent Hokkaido road trip! I guess I was first approached about this gig some five months ago. After having posted a few images on Instagram and Twitter of Mt. Fuji which went somewhat viral in the Japanese social channels, a few moths prior I received an email asking if I would be interested in a trip to the Northern Island of Hokkaido. Urmmm, I didn’t need asking twice. As we all […]

24 May 2017
Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset, a moment when it seems the island slows, almost stops, where the gaze turns Westward. Whilst I’ve been on the island just a couple of months it’s still too early in the year to suggest I’ve come anywhere closely associated to witnessing the craziness of a true Okinawa sunset. The balmy days of Summer, whilst approaching, are yet to get into their full swing. A noticeable swing in the heat and humidity index suggests my wait will not […]

11 Apr 2017
Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot

Laya’s Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach

Packing for the Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach in Okinawa got me thinking about my transition from wildlife to people imaging. Not that I’m in any way planning to reduce my wildlife imaging activities, far from it, but I can say at this time that I’m pretty positive about adding people imaging to my ‘bag of tricks’ as it were. Whilst I do have extensive knowledge and experience in using on camera flash, particularly in the realm of […]

24 Mar 2017
Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel

Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel

Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel, certainly Okinawa’s most impressive ‘Haikyo‘ or ruin, is found to the West of the tourist attraction that is the Nakagusuku Castle, unlike the Castle however, this infamous resort is not officially open for public access. It is at this point that I must add that this post should not in any way be deemed as an green light, an open invitation to visit the crumbling remnants of what were at some point in time one man’s dreams. There are […]

22 Mar 2017
Amelia's Photoshoot

Amelia’s Photoshoot

Amelia’s photoshoot was looming, it had been cancelled twice previously due to inclement weather. Given the time of year the rain was to be expected. I’d come to Okinawa as a wildlife photographer looking to diversify my imaging portfolio adding people imaging to my quiver of services offered. If I am to make a living with imaging it needs to be in a genre with greater demand in the mainstream, something with greater appeal to the public in general. Thus […]

18 Mar 2017
Shooting RAW

Before and After: The Power of RAW

Shooting RAW images when you can will allow you a much greater creative freedom when it comes to editing. The downside of course is the fact that shooting RAW given the amount of data it requires will reduce the amount of images you can fit on your memory cards. This is why most people elect to shoot only .jpeg images, a compressed format that allows greater quantities on memory cards but way less editing leeway ‘after the fact’. Imagine if […]