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Tag : Iriomote Island

27 Sep 2017
mystery big cats of Iriomote island

What the heck is the ‘Yamapikarya’?

A sense of adventure has always been something burning away inside of me. I would often find my imagination drifting off on adventures to lost lands, discovering mystery big cats in jungles with no names or encountering a lost tribe for the first time. As a wayward young lad growing up on the South Coast of England I would wish away the weekdays in order to be free of my schooling shackles. With each weekend came the opportunity to explore […]

01 Jul 2017

Brain be Boiled!

Iriomote Island is found at the far Western extremities of the Okinawa prefecture. As an integral island of the Yaeyama Islands Group it is a verdant giant surrounded by pristine and transparent Oceans. I made my first trip to the island in March of this year when leading a trip to photograph the spectacle of the Milky Way in the night skies above the Sangara Waterfall (a trip I will be running every March, April and May). Second in size […]