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The Filtering of Life

Life Unfiltered

We look at life through personalised filters, we seek what we want to see and present that beauty to the World. Moments from the past few months here in Okinawa that define my path thus far. And more is yet to come...

Model Partners

It's a fact of life in Okinawa that partners from time to time disappear on deployments, training and other assignments. Bridge that distance and stay connected, with a gift of imagery.

All the Little Critters

We often miss the magic that happens all around us on a daily basis for the simple reason that it's just so darned small!

The Haunting

The Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel is perhaps one of the most photogenic of all 'Haikyo' (Ruins) in Okinawa, and said to be one of the most haunted too!

Smiles From Strangers

We think we are alone, but in reality we are united. Maybe just a glance is enough to illicit a smile, a simple salut to a fellow human being on their own path of life. A smile doesn't cost much, but the impact can resonate for a lifetime.

When Cancellations Become Destiny

She bailed on the shoot, I had to score some pixels. Quite what where and when was anyone's guess. Chance encounters, overcast skies and a Manta Ray, pixel therapy indeed...


Street views from moments near and far, long since passed and some recent...

The Ocean

We each have our own affinity with forces in our lives that define who we are. For me that affinity is with the Ocean. It is from whence I came and to where I will go...


Central Tokyo is home to 13million people, it is a vibrant, dirty, dangerous yet charming place. These are but a few moments in time...