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Equipment and Client List

Equipment and Client Listings

I currently shoot with Canon DSLR cameras but am happy with technology through to 8K

As I work commissions in both still and motion imaging it becomes redundant to have high worth equipment sitting around for sporadic engagements. To that end I currently film personal projects on Canon EOS 5DSr camera bodies. Beyond this I am happy to suggest rentals of whichever system the client requires for the format of their choice. In order to paint a wider illustration of my immediate capabilities please see the equipment listing below. Further to the equipment listing I have listed the more prominent clients to date.

Available For Immediate Deployment

Canon EOS5DSr - https://goo.gl/kwjkJq
Canon EOS5DMkIII - https://goo.gl/5u1NZg
Canon EOSM2
GoPro Hero4 Black Edition - https://goo.gl/ugB8Ly

Motion Control
Kessler Crane Second Shooter Plus
Pan & Tilt Head System - https://goo.gl/Z8SqoG
Kessler Crane Second Shooter Plus Controller - https://goo.gl/1FeR8e

Irix 15mm f2.5 Blackstone - https://goo.gl/cZQ7Rf
Tokina 17-35mm f4 - https://goo.gl/Me2Rsq
Canon 24-105mm f4 - https://goo.gl/grX74M
Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART - https://goo.gl/9N2wB7
Laowa 60mm f2.8 2:1 Macro - https://goo.gl/bvTuLG
Canon MPE65mm 5:1 Macro - https://goo.gl/tXEGZW
Zeiss Milvus 85mm f1.4 - https://goo.gl/SuTXsp
Tamron 70-200 f2.8 - https://goo.gl/9Z7pdB

Filtration - KANI Brand
Filter Holder with adapter rings from 72-95mm - https://goo.gl/Bf3o41
Soft GND 0.9 - https://goo.gl/s5L6rt
Hard GND 0.9 - https://goo.gl/DK2MmW
Reverse GND 0.9 - https://goo.gl/7F3NjU
3 Stop ND8
6 Stop ND64 - https://goo.gl/VrDq2M
8.5 Stop ND400
10 Stop ND1000 - https://goo.gl/iMr9A3
Light Prevent Pollution Filter

Godox AD600BM Studio Portable Strobe 600W/s - https://goo.gl/9mEL2R
Canon 600EX-RT Speed Light - https://goo.gl/jEHXyN
Canon 430EXMkII Speed Light - https://goo.gl/tKztse
Laowa XT800 Dual Macro Flash
2 x Lume Cube portable LED Lighting - https://goo.gl/6zX9zR
1 x NEEWER LED Lighting Panel - https://goo.gl/WN2YbX

X1-C Transmitter / Receiver set for Canon / Strobe synchronicity - https://goo.gl/B92diA

Diffusers / Modifiers
Tokistar Studio Softbox with Square mesh diffusion - 1.2m x 90cm
Propet Parasol PK-85 Circle Diffuser
Cactus CB-60S Softbox
Speedlight Speedbox 70cm - https://goo.gl/BN1L9X

Audio Recording
RODE Video Mic - https://goo.gl/Ja7NYf
ZOOM H2n Audio Recorder - https://goo.gl/RSvLsJ
Audio Technica Lapel Mic - https://goo.gl/nxKnKP

Portable Power
All devices with sufficient battery power and chargers for immediate deployment
3 x 10,000 mA/h Portable packs for recharging

Manfrotto 502HDV Video Tripod - https://goo.gl/evbtrQ
Manfrotto MT055XPro3 Tripod - https://goo.gl/VMkLNs
Gitzo 6X Carbon Travel Tripod - https://goo.gl/Y3rfjg

Backpacks / Bags
Manfrotto Backpack 50 - https://goo.gl/eCHsYr
Manfrotto Veloce VII Backpack
ThinkTank Retrospective 7 - https://goo.gl/uNrwpv
ThinkTank Airport Security Roller Case - https://goo.gl/J4HyY7
ThinkTank International Roller Case - https://goo.gl/HT9yjL

Clients Include
National Geographic Television and Film - Field Producer / Cameraman
Twitter - Provision of promotional footage from viral Periscope broadcast
Evergreen Films - USA - Underwater Cameraman
Japan National Tourism Organisation - Hokkaido, Expanding Horizons
Kenneth Corben Productions - Terrestrial Cameraman
EarthTouch - Terrestrial Cameraman / Producer (Multiple engagements)
Saevus Wildlife Magazine- India - Editorial and Photographic Content
Tekstivirta Production Company Finland - Underwater Cinematography
YLE - National TV Station, Finland - Underwater Cinematography
WWF Spain - Underwater Cinematography, Canary Islands
Yap Visitors Bureau - Governmental Tourism Agency in Micronesia
SBS Korea - National Station - Underwater Cinematography
Channel 7 Australia - Underwater Cinematography
Cinema Direct - Belgium - Stock Underwater Sequences from Micronesia
ArkadiaFilm Product - German - Underwater Stock Video Footage
Tom Bell Productions - Underwater Camera Operator
TVE - Spanish National Station - Underwater Cinematographer
SKII Cosmetics - Photographic Services
Bozles Japanese Fishing Lure Brand - Commercial Photographic Shoot

2nd Belgrade Underwater Film Festival - Jury's Special Award
34th Festival Mondial De L'Image Sous Marine - Prix du Public - 'Majesty of Muck'
2010 Emmy Award for Excellence in Cinematography - 'Great Migrations' - National Geographic

Online Content: Fujiyama Time-lapse Project

Additional Content: YouTube Channel

References on Request