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Okinawa 2018 Calendar


As the year comes to a close my 2018 Calendar takes shape. Well I guess it’s that time of year again, the build up to ‘Chrimbo’ albeit tentative steps. I try to get my best images arranged by about this time each year so as to comprise my Calendar offering for the coming year. Having only moved to Okinawa at the beginning of this year I’ve had a blast shooting landscapes and a range of commercial options since that arrival. My biggest adventure though has been in the touring around and discovering of so many cool locations on this, the main island. It’s been a tough decision process but comprising this Calendar has brought back some incredible memories of adventures and personal experiences.

Piecing any Calendar together will do that, allow the artist to relive moments when everything just falls into place and the weather God’s smile down, if just for a fleeting moment. In my 2018 Calendar I’ve attempted to showcase some of the more stunning locations around this tropical paradise island. Yes, the Ocean features prominently but from a location such as this I’d hedge my bets that the Ocean features prominently in any photo album from both visitors to and residents of Okinawa.

I’ve also employed the use of specific techniques to accentuate the beauty of these scenes. Techniques such as long exposure photography to tame the otherwise raging seas. Most of these kinds of shots were taken by employing the use of a range of professional grade photographic filters from KANI Optics. For those with a penchant for the power and beauty of the Ocean this Calendar is a perfect option to beautify an office, home or other workspace. Given that Okinawa is also home to a large presence of military personnel I’m hoping it will also be seen, and treated, as a perfect stocking filler item for folks to send to loved ones and family outside of Okinawa as a ways to show the real beauty of this land.

Here’s to 2018 folks, and to twelve of my images that I feel truly encapsulate the ‘Visions of Okinawa‘.

If you also want to get a better view of the Wallpaper used on this page, a super long exposure shot taken at the Mermaid Grotto location here in Okinawa, simply click that round Icon you see in the top right hand corner at the top of this page.


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Emmy Award Winning wildlife cameraman and Internationally published landscape photographer Mark Thorpe has been an adventurer since he could walk! An ex-French Foreign Legionnaire and National Geographic underwater cameraman and field producer he's also been privy to a mixed bag of hair raising adventures. Currently based in Okinawa, Japan he's always on the lookout for that next big adventure, and for those who willing to support the same. He shares his adventures online with a totally organic social audience in excess of 230,000 followers. An audience garnered since his debut with Social Media in 2009. Mark is currently open to long term ambassadorship offers from corporate entities looking to add a dynamic content media marketing solution to their brand identity and social channels.

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