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A Weekend Walk in the Woods

A Weekend Walk in the Woods

A complete mixed bag of imaging adventures.

What Gear Do You Need To Bring?

The Minimum Equipment Needed

Your Camera

This Weekend Trip is designed for all Photographers at all levels. Given this is an accompanied weekend trip the main objective is about fun and photos!

Assorted Lenses

There will be times when you may need to use different lenses during this trip. Bring what you have and we'll help you get the most from them.

Camera Support

Most folks automatically think Tripod. Given the various terrains we'll cover you should think maybe about a Monopod or even a bean bag, or all!

Mixed Bag Photography
Why not join me for a Weekend Walk in the Woods? This is not a workshop as far as workshops generally tend to go, but then again I don't always do things as people generally tend to do. With no set schedule or timetable once in the location we simply allow Mother Nature dictate the flow of the day. We may find ourselves exploring a network of streams and the wildlife found therein as well as simply walking through forest glades accompanied by the sounds of nature, stopping to photograph birds and other possible subjects. Of an evening there will be starry skies and deserted beaches, an incredible mixture for shooting some serene imagery that will certainly 'WOW' the viewer and expand your portfolio.

What Will Be Taught?
In a sense, anything and everything. I will be on hand through the course of the Weekend to answer all and any questions and to aid in the technique of the attendees in the hope they get some incredible imagery. It may be that you need a tweak here or there just to polish off that macro photography, maybe your diffusion needs revision. Having trouble with getting pin sharp stars in your night sky imagery? No worries, there's a formula for that which I can pass on to you to avoid that issue down the road. Whatever imaging possibility presents itself, we'll be there to capitalise on it. Main scenarios would be:

  • Macro Photography
  • Bird Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Night Skies Photography
  • Time-lapse Photography

Course Schedule
These events run for the duration of a weekend. Our accommodation is sparse but not super basic. We have an incredible and truly local style spot right where the Yanbaru Forests meet the Ocean, a stunning location where we are surrounded by the wildlife and beauty of the region. It is also a quiet location, no incessant overhead thunder, very little road traffic and a whole bunch of sounds provided by Mother Nature. We depart from our base in Chatan, early for the two hour drive North taking in the scenery and stopping in the event that an opportunity raises itself. Once we arrive at the location we get our gear moved in, change into our rough clothing, pull on some adequate walking attire and head out into the wild. I think once you see the spot I've mapped out you'll understand why these walks are set to be a best seller!

Please Note: Accommodation and meal costs are included in the event fee whilst transport, beverages and additional snacks are not.

Attendee Capacity
I work in smaller groups with a maximum attendee number for these walks of just six photographers. Given that I will also be acting in a personal overseeing role for a larger part of the days I prefer that attendees feel as if they are getting the personalised service they expect when embarking on this short getaway. I like to have the time to focus on helping each and every attendee should they have points that require addressing and as such this can only be accomplished when groups are of a manageable size.

Inclement Weather
Okinawa is Okinawa. We all know that it can get wet and inclement, this in part though adds to the drama. Whether there's a storm rolling in which makes for dramatic scenic shots before the water stars to fall or indeed looking to grab shots of lightning strikes. It's all a part of the adventure of photographic trips. Being able to tackle whatever situation rises up and capturing the essence and mood of the moment is what makes for great photography. Nuances of a storm, the droplets on a leaf, super macro of water refractions on flowers, when done in the wild it creates a real sense of accomplishment. No staging, just you, Mother Nature, and a camera. It's awesome...

Additional Gear Requirements
Beyond the imaging equipment side of things it would be wise to also consider the environment we're going to we walking in, the potential for heat in the Summer months and the fact of being wet for a large part of the time. This can be from sweating, river walks or indeed inclement weather. To that extent I would suggest attendees also consider the following additional equipment considerations:

  • River walking shoes or dive booties
  • Adequate footwear protection for woodland walks, wellington boots etc. make no mistake, this is 'Habu' territory!
  • Quick Drying Lightweight Linen Clothing
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Bug Spray
  • Micro Towel for Equipment dabbing etc
  • Head lamp for night walks
  • Rechargeable batteries etc for lights and lamps

Please also be aware that cell coverage is intermittent in the regions we visit. Please leave an itinerary notice with a friend, relative or neighbour as a safety precaution prior to your departure.

All imagery contained in the slideshow for this Event Page © Shawn Miller from Okinawa Nature Photography.

Event Details

  • From: 09/02/2017
  • To: 09/03/2017
  • Starting at: 07:00
  • Finishing at: 18:00

Event Price

  • ¥ 17,500.00


  • Yanbaru Forests
  • Northern Okinawa
  • Okinawa
  • 930-0111
  • Japan
  • 08088168997
  • http://www.okitog.com