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Smart Device Imaging Workshop

Smart Photography Workshop

Unleash the Creative Power of your Smart Device

What Gear Do You Need To Bring?

The Minimum Equipment Needed

Smart Imaging Device

Any smart imaging cellular device is welcomed given the applications used are widely available for both iOS and Android systems.

Editing Application

Part of this day will be spent on editing so please have at least one editing app on your device. My personal favourite 'go to' app is Snapseed.

Small Tripod

Yep, even smart devices need stability in order to get the best from them. There are many economic options out there to choose from.

Smart Device Imaging Workshop
Ansel Adams, often regarded as one of the great masters in the creative art of photography once famously quoted "the best camera there is, is the one you have with you at the time". Nothing can eclipse that notion in this modern age given that most of us walk around with a pretty powerful imaging device on our person, to which we tend to be oblivious. Smart devices now are capable of shooting the same file format and video resolutions that only a few years ago were being heralded as technological breakthroughs. So fast are the evolutionary steps of imaging technology these days it's often hard to keep pace with it all. To this end you could be surprised to know that your iPhone, or any other smart device for that matter, is an incredible imagery acquisition option.

This is not just about Instagram, in fact Instagram makes up just one small aspect of the days focus. There's no doubting that Instagram is the fastest growing imaging based social media platform but this day is about how to take your smart device imaging to the next level in the grander scale of things in both a Photographic and Video sense.

My aim in this one day course is to go through the basics of composition and image taking. I will be showing you how to get the best from your device and then once all is said and done how to then edit the shots you've taken before sharing your masterpieces to your social media accounts.

What Will Be Taught?

Photographic Imaging
Main points for the course are as follows

  • Basic Composition and Manipulation
  • Stability
  • Creative Apps. What, When and How
  • Using Third Party Lenses and their support apps.
  • Mastering the Art of Panorama Shots
  • Editing Process using Snapseed - Mextures and Enlight
  • Resizing and Watermarking for Web Use

Video Filming
Main points covered will include:

  • Video Resolutions / Aspect Ratios / Frame Rates
  • Framing and Composition
  • Microphones and Lighting
  • Using FilmicPro Filming Application
  • Outputting Footage for Editing
  • Basic Post Production
  • Encoding for best for web streaming and YouTube

An Overview of Final Cut Pro X

It all sounds pretty straightforward and with few pitfalls in this style of imaging it is pretty much that. A fun day of learning how to improve your smart device imaging. Please note that I am not supported by any of the App developers that I mention here, I just use these Apps and they serve me well. With regards to that I would note that I use, and recommend, the following three applications as a minimum option for your picture editing and processing prior to web sharing, that is if you really want to get the best from it.

Shot Entirely on an iPhone6S Plus

Don't always blame the tools...!


Course Schedule
6Hours of imaging! Seems like a long time right? Well you'll be surprised at how time flies. Whilst a large part of your time will be spent in practical pursuits of photographic gems, weather permitting, there will be a comprehensive overview of Apps and their use.

Attendee Capacity
Max number of attendees is set at five individuals. This is down to the potential for inclement weather. In that case the Workshop will take place in my small home studio.

Workshop Fee - ¥10,000pp
For those wishing to take part simply contact me via the Contact Page of this site or indeed via the OkiTog Facebook Page where this Event will also be displayed. Secure your spot with a ¥5000 (US$50) slot retainer fee via PayPal with the balance of ¥5000 due on the day.

Event Details

  • From: 02/04/2018
  • To: 02/04/2018
  • Starting at: 09:30
  • Finishing at: 15:30

Event Price

  • ¥ 10,000.00


  • Araha Beach Area
  • Ocean Front
  • Okinawa
  • 904-0111
  • Japan
  • 08088168997
  • http://okitog.com/mevents/smart-device-imaging-workshop/