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Six Of The Best!

Six of the Best!

Landscape Photography Location Tour

Join me on a one day tour of six locations that I've shot during my time here in Okinawa. The journey is half of the adventure of getting into a location, this is a day long adventure with six locations on the cards. Fancy joining in? Read on...

What Gear Do You Need To Bring?

The Minimum Equipment Needed

Own Camera Gear

You're a photography enthusiast with your own equipment including filters for landscape photography.

Suitable Clothing

While not overly strenuous attendees need to be able to physically transport their own gear along rivers and through forest locations.

Outdoors Spirit

Attendees should be comfortable with the natural environment and the potential to cross paths with native wildlife.

Landscape Photography
Has got to be one of the most rewarding of all photographic genres insofar that it allows the shooter to take time in composing and filtering a scene in a way that appeals to their sense of artistry. Whilst we generally tend to associate Landscape photography, and with rolling hills and meadows we have to take what we have, and in Okinawa that invariably includes the presence of the Ocean. Beyond that we have mountainous peaks, flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls, all of which figure in this tour.

What Will Be Taught?
Nothing! Please don't take that the wrong way. This is more an expedition for those with an understanding of photography, those with their own gear looking for new shooting locations around Okinawa. Many are those who may have been on the island for a number of months, or years, and who have yet to venture beyond their normal stomping grounds of the South. This is a day, a long day, where I will show folks to some of the locations I have shot from in the past with great results. I will be on hand to answer queries or suggestions for settings and composition etc but this should not be seen as a teaching event.

Course Schedule
11 Hours of Photography! Seems like a long time right? Well you'll be surprised at how time flies. We have to be up at the crack of dawn to make the best of the day. I normally then suggest hitting the Okinawa Expressway by 0800hrs to avoid the main glut of morning traffic. Starting out at the very Northern confines of the island we then spend the day working our way South ending up with a planned return to our initial meeting point by 1900hrs. This end time can be overstepped depending on traffic or any other potential bottlenecks during the day.

Attendee Capacity
I prefer to work in smaller groups with a maximum attendee number of six photographers. Given that I will also be acting in a personal overseeing role during the practical part of the day I don't want attendees to think that they are just another number. This Event will require a minimum of two attendees in order to run as planned. Attendance is on a strictly first come first served basis with all fees being settled at least one day prior to the event date.

Interested in attending? Simply reach out via the contact form on this website or through my Facebook Page.

Inclement Weather
As we all know we get a bit of rain here in Okinawa! This however doesn't hinder us. We can have rainfall in the South with vibrant skies and weather in the North and vice versa. With Landscape Photography the weather can also be an integral aspect of the imagery aesthetic.

Suggested Clothing and Accessories

  • Felt Bottomed Booties - Very Important
  • Wellington or adequately covering shin high boots
  • Rain Jacket
  • Windproof Smock
  • Suitable Headwear
  • Change of Socks
  • Additional Clothing based on personal requirements
  • Bug Spray
  • Micro Towel
  • Plastic bags to waterproof the gear

Event Details

  • From: 10/28/2017
  • To: 10/28/2017
  • Starting at: 08:00
  • Finishing at: 19:00

Event Price

  • ¬• 15,000.00


  • Okinawa Island
  • Route #58
  • Okinawa
  • Japan
  • 08088168997
  • http://www.okitog.com