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Landscape Photography for Beginners

Landscape Photography for Beginners

Photograph the Okinawa Scenery in Total Confidence.

What Gear Do You Need To Bring?

The Minimum Equipment Needed

DSLR Style Camera

To get the most from this course you need to have a camera that will allow manual manipulation of the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture

Wide Prime or Zoom Lens

Landscape Photography requires a lens that covers a wide field of view. Ideally a 21mm prime or 24-70mm wide zoom for example.

Good Tripod

Landscape Photography relies on stability first and foremost. You will need to have a tripod in order to avoid disappointing results.

Landscape Photography is by far the most practiced form of photography bar none. It is the most used for promotional purposes and, when executed correctly, has the greatest visual impact those who appreciate good imagery. It helps to transport a viewer to a place that appeals to them, insofar as vacation planning. It can inspire people into activism for change, destruction of lands and habitat in the natural realm for example and also give an idea as to what certain global turmoil feels like when used in conflict journalism etc. Above all though, Landscape Photography is used by the multitude of people to convey their personal adventures on vacation, during expeditions or as a means to update on sporting accomplishments etc. Globally we all are, or have been, landscape photographers at some point in time.

That said have you ever got back from your adventures, expeditions and vacations only to upload your imagery to your computer to find out it's 'fuzzy', warped, lopsided and simply not as good as you thought it looked in the camera LCD? Whilst those images may never be saved in the long term there is one thing you can do to ensure your future imagery will be clear, crisp and engaging.

I have devised my Landscape Photography for Beginners workshop to address the fundamental basics of landscape imaging. This workshop is ideal for those who have an understanding as to the mechanics of photography, the basic topics that are covered in my Photography Bootcamp for example.

Points Covered in this Workshop include:

  • Composition
  • Understanding Polarising Filters
  • Filters - Screw or Drop In?
  • Toning Tips and Tricks
  • Shutter Speeds and Motion Blur
  • Optimum Shooting Times - Golden and Blue Hours

With Landscape Photography half of the adventure is the journey. Unlike other forms of imaging one can expect to spend a large part of the day getting into location and ready for the shoot, the duration of which may be limited to strict time constraints, sunsets or sunrises for example. It is also the only form of photography that has specific and optimum times in which to get the best light.

Overview of the Day

  • 0830hrs - Meet at designated spot
  • 0845hrs - drive to initial theory / practical location - TBD
  • 0915hrs - theory and practical reinforcement of landscape photography
  • 1230hrs - Lunch
  • 1300hrs - Drive to second practical location
  • 1400hrs - Arrive for second practical session location
  • 1400hrs - 17.30hrs Practical imaging session
  • 1730hrs - Depart for Southern Okinawa
  • 1830hrs - Arrive at meeting location
  • 1830hrs - End of Workshop

This Workshop is aimed at helping those looking to take their landscape imaging to the next level, giving them the understanding and ability to turn heads with engaging and compelling imagery. Should you have any further questions on what the day entails please do feel free to contact me at your leisure.

To book your spot please contact me via an email address to which I can send a PayPal request for a spot reservation fee of US$25. All balances will then be due on the day of the Workshop.

"The landscape painter must walk in the fields with a humble mind. No arrogant man was permitted to see Nature in all her beauty".

John Constable

Event Details

  • From: 10/14/2017
  • To: 10/14/2017
  • Starting at: 09:00
  • Finishing at: 18:30

Event Price

  • ¬• 12,500.00


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  • Yomitan
  • Okinawa
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  • Japan
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