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Life, Filtered by KANI

Landscape photography is potentially the most adhered to genre in imaging bar none. I was recently asked if I could edit a string out of imagery from a wealth of photographers, myself included, who have been supported by the KANI Optics distributors in Japan. KANI Optics make some of the finest photographic filters for landscape photography currently on the market. I have recently also just finished the gruelling ten week video project named ‘Photographing Okinawa‘ that saw me take in some of the best locations on this Island in order to fully exploit the use of a full range of filters and lenses, and what a blast that was.

Seeing as we’re also drawing up to the Christmas holiday period this is a great time to be able to simply put your feet up, relax and enjoy the vision of some of Japan’s top photographers as they serve up a Smorgasbord of hues, compositions and moods. A great way to fill in some time. And one way to potentially get ideas for your next imaging adventure.

You may recognise some of the imagery as I used a lot of my stock to plush out the project to arrive at its desired length. Imagery from Mermaid Grotto, the infamous Nakagusuku Haunted Resort and the Northern confines of the Hedo region all make their cameos in this musical journey through KANI Optics imaging.

May I also take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the New Year, I trust all your hopes and dreams bear fruit and that the safety of you and your family continues through into 2018. For me I’m planning a simple stay at home Christmas this year, if the weather is good we may head to the beach that is just a few minutes down the road. On the other hand if it rains then I’m sure I’ll be battling my son Joshua to play on some of the toys that are currently sitting under the tree, I mean we buy them for our kids first and foremost, right?

Cheers all, take care,

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