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Instagram Rolls Out “Recommended For You” Feature


Instagram is without a doubt the monster of all social media platforms catering to the demands of the image sharing public. Selfies, Celebrity, Sporting and more. It’s an awesome way to stay in touch with a follower base, family, friends or business related profiles. I don’t spread myself too thickly across the social media divide. I have my own account that caters specific to my mixed media work, with a very light sprinkling of family stuff. There was a time where I would have profiles for business, pleasure and family but it simply got too much, especially when that was mirrored across numerous platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and others. I streamlined and now only really focus on the top three.

My strategy for following an account, on any social platform, is simply for the reason of liking the content that account puts out. This means that as part of that accounts online presence they create content that appeals to me, all well and good. However if that account, like me, also dabbles in other areas of interest that don’t appeal to me it’s fair to say that I wouldn’t necessarily want to follow the accounts that they follow, stands to reason. Now this is where I don’t ‘get along’ with many social platforms. Much like the time when Twitter introduced an algorithmic timeline that almost decides on which content to serve you in a sense of priority now we see Instagram following suite, in a roundabout way.

Instagram is currently, and quietly, rolling out a “Recommended For You” feature to add to the already monumental additional features introduced earlier this month. Features such as following hashtags in a way similar to following a standard profile and a commenting feature that’s only unlocked once you’ve engaged with specific posts for five seconds or longer.

So how does Instagram propose to decide on the content it recommends to it’s user base? Well that’s simple, according to their support desk it’s based on the content and posts of the accounts a user follows and interacts with. So that account I mentioned before who may dabble in the Camera information I want to receive but who also happens to be an avid fan of Taxidermy now suggests that from time to time Instagram are going to potentially be recommending that Stoned Polar Bears could be of possible interest to me? Urm, no thanks.

I don’t know what it is with social media platforms these days. They seem to completely ignore the wants of their user base making decisions in the development board room that seem to focus on energising one sole group of individuals, their shareholders. I personally want to simply receive the updates from individual accounts I follow, no more no less. As it is now I have to put up with Twitter invading my notifications feed with updates on the activities of accounts I follow as they interact with accounts that I do not. Not exactly what folks sign up for.

Will this feature be welcome? Only time will tell…

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