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Category : Equipment

23 Oct 2017
Sunset Photography

How I Got the Shot: Mermaids Mist

Sunset Photography is always something that figures high not just in my but for all landscape photographers minds. It started out as a great day, most of the morning was bathed in warm sunshine, but that turned sour later in the afternoon. I thought I was on for a great sunset, it certainly looked that way but then something went sour. Blue skies and white clouds were soon replaced with slate greys and dark ominous clouds, as the wind shifted […]

06 Oct 2017
How I got the shot

How I Got the Shot – Taming the Raging Seas

‘How I Got the Shot’ is a new feature of my web presence. An increasing number of friends and followers are asking me that very same question so I thought it could be best to share my work mindset and accomplishments in an educational aspect too. What’s more I will also be offering each shot I highlight as a computer desktop image to those willing to support my work via Patreon. More about this later. OK, so to this first […]

04 Sep 2017

Astrophotography, battling the forces of light and noise.

Astrophotography can be one of the most rewarding, and stress inducing, of all photographic genres. I guess in a way it reflects our human curiosity as to where we are, globally, in the grand scale of things, notably within space. Now I’m not a complete fanatic when it comes to astrology. I know, as most people do, a few names of a smattering of constellations. I can find the points of the compass aiding celestial navigation, maybe just one of […]

25 Aug 2017
Landscape Photography Workshop

Tips for better Sunset Photography

Sunset photography, in itself trying to capture Mother Nature’s finest light show is ultimately the biggest challenge for most cameras. Challenging due to the massive scope of dynamic range of light from glaring sun to dark shadows all within the same scene. Most cameras will simply compensate for the light closing down the Iris leaving darker areas pretty much rendered as silhouettes. To combat that most portrait photographers will counter with a strobe to fight against the power of the […]

18 Aug 2017
KANI Filters

KANI Filters

KANI Filters? I’d never heard of them until recently. A good buddy of mine started using them here in Okinawa after having been approached by the company given he’s one of the more pre-eminent photographers on the island. What first struck me about the KANI Filters was the build, made from durable German Schott B270 classification glass they are solid. These are tough drop in filters that are used with one of their own proprietary KANI Filter holders or, as […]

24 May 2017
Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset, a moment when it seems the island slows, almost stops, where the gaze turns Westward. Whilst I’ve been on the island just a couple of months it’s still too early in the year to suggest I’ve come anywhere closely associated to witnessing the craziness of a true Okinawa sunset. The balmy days of Summer, whilst approaching, are yet to get into their full swing. A noticeable swing in the heat and humidity index suggests my wait will not […]