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Cape Hedo Okinawa

Cape Hedo in Northern Okinawa is one of the leading tourist spots on the island. Dramatic and sweeping vistas of sheer cliffs to the North and the potential for great sunsets to the West. On a recent trip to photograph Northern Okinawa, I found myself battling to the top of a seldom visited escarpment, to check out not just Cape Hedo but also the rest of that region of the island including the expanse of greenery known as the Yanbaru Forests.

Whilst I have been to Cape Hedo on numerous occasions I had always seen it from the same locations. This time I wanted something new, a fresh look at the region, and boy did I get that, in spades? About a twenty minute climb after parking by some Cacti I started my course towards the peak of what is know the Utaki of Hedo forest, a revered site with religious undertones.

Passing numerous caves and graves I eventually emerged from the top of the escarpment to a view that simply took my breath away. Whilst not a lot of space to move around in the top of the highest peak in that region also serves as home to a number of small shrines. With an overbearing sense of respect for the place I proceeded to get set up for a super wide angle shot looking South West. My idea was to look at stacking some of my KANI Filters branded ND Filters to see what I could accomplish when stacking ND filters namely an ND8 with an ND400 and then the Soft Grad o.9. This in total gave me some 15 stops of light hitting the sensor or ND3200.

Check out the video to see not just the awesome scenery around the Cape Hedo region but to also see the results of that and other imagery taken on that same day long that same coastal drive as I returned Southward once finished with the super slow shutter from this awesome location.

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