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Welcome To The OkiTog Blog

Welcome to the OkiTog Blog

Adventures and Vocal Ramblings of a Mixed Media Professional based in Okinawa, Japan

Thanks for stopping by the OkiTog Blog, this is a place where I'll be posting my reflections on the adventures I have with the mixed media production side of life here in Okinawa, Japan. It's a stunning location, full of potential and so many settings for awesome imaging it would be hard to get around them all. And then there are the other 90 or so Islands, mostly uninhabited, that make up the Ryukyu Islands archipelago. A truly incredible place. So please watch out for new updates, if there are enough minutes in the day I'll be looking to post hopefully at least once or twice a week. This will also be where I place news and reviews of gear and other imaging related 'stuff' that comes my way.

Editing Milky Way Photography

How I Photograph the Ocean

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Editing Timelapse Sequences

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Landscape Photography

Life, Filtered by KANI

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Okinawa 2018 Calendar

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Cape Hedo

Cape Hedo Okinawa

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Sunset Photography

How I Got the Shot: Mermaids Mist

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How I got the shot

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mystery big cats of Iriomote island

What the heck is the ‘Yamapikarya’?

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Out Of The Gloom A Voice Said Unto Me...

"Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry, and you cry alone..."

We are all faced with adversity at some point in our lives, don't let it get you down. I often correct people when they say "You only live once" for the simple reason that I want to live, really live, every day, not just once!