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Monthly Archives: December 2017

28 Dec 2017

Instagram Rolls Out “Recommended For You” Feature

Instagram is without a doubt the monster of all social media platforms catering to the demands of the image sharing public. Selfies, Celebrity, Sporting and more. It’s an awesome way to stay in touch with a follower base, family, friends or business related profiles. I don’t spread myself too thickly across the social media divide. I have my own account that caters specific to my mixed media work, with a very light sprinkling of family stuff. There was a time […]

22 Dec 2017

Life, Filtered by KANI

Landscape photography is potentially the most adhered to genre in imaging bar none. I was recently asked if I could edit a string out of imagery from a wealth of photographers, myself included, who have been supported by the KANI Optics distributors in Japan. KANI Optics make some of the finest photographic filters for landscape photography currently on the market. I have recently also just finished the gruelling ten week video project named ‘Photographing Okinawa‘ that saw me take in […]