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Monthly Archives: August 2017

25 Aug 2017
Landscape Photography Workshop

Tips for better Sunset Photography

Sunset photography, in itself trying to capture Mother Nature’s finest light show is ultimately the biggest challenge for most cameras. Challenging due to the massive scope of dynamic range of light from glaring sun to dark shadows all within the same scene. Most cameras will simply compensate for the light closing down the Iris leaving darker areas pretty much rendered as silhouettes. To combat that most portrait photographers will counter with a strobe to fight against the power of the […]

21 Aug 2017
Camera Dilemmas

Wow, you’ve got a great camera…

Camera Dilemmas? Do you often find yourself comparing your imagery with that of your friends or shooting buddies? Especially those with camera you feel are of a lower standard than your own? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I think to an extent most people are concerned about the cameras they have, especially if for them photography is more than just a fleeting aspect of their daily routine. Ansel Adams, one of who many believe to be one of the photographic […]

18 Aug 2017
KANI Filters

KANI Filters

KANI Filters? I’d never heard of them until recently. A good buddy of mine started using them here in Okinawa after having been approached by the company given he’s one of the more pre-eminent photographers on the island. What first struck me about the KANI Filters was the build, made from durable German Schott B270 classification glass they are solid. These are tough drop in filters that are used with one of their own proprietary KANI Filter holders or, as […]