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Monthly Archives: May 2017

24 May 2017
Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset

Okinawa Sunset, a moment when it seems the island slows, almost stops, where the gaze turns Westward. Whilst I’ve been on the island just a couple of months it’s still too early in the year to suggest I’ve come anywhere closely associated to witnessing the craziness of a true Okinawa sunset. The balmy days of Summer, whilst approaching, are yet to get into their full swing. A noticeable swing in the heat and humidity index suggests my wait will not […]

03 May 2017
Iriomote Night Skies

The Stars Came Out to Play

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an astrophotographer as such. I mean, I can’t identify by sight all of the constellations in the night skies, I know a few, not all. I don’t sit glued to a telescope scanning dark skies in the hope of catching whatever event those who stare at dark skies through telescopes are waiting for. However, I am very much attracted to the potential to photograph the majesty of the Milky Way constellation, and especially when I […]