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Monthly Archives: April 2017

21 Apr 2017
Pricing Photography

The Cost of Photography

How does one go about pricing photography? It seems photographers are up against a never ending tide of people getting into the art form with limited experience, sub-par equipment and no idea as to the real cost of the service they offer to provide. Invariably they arrive with such incredibly low service rates that they don’t realise the person they are doing the most disservice to, is themselves. I was recently asked about selling some time-lapse sequences so I submitted […]

11 Apr 2017
Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot

Laya’s Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach

Packing for the Laya Smith Bruton Photoshoot at Toguchi Beach in Okinawa got me thinking about my transition from wildlife to people imaging. Not that I’m in any way planning to reduce my wildlife imaging activities, far from it, but I can say at this time that I’m pretty positive about adding people imaging to my ‘bag of tricks’ as it were. Whilst I do have extensive knowledge and experience in using on camera flash, particularly in the realm of […]

06 Apr 2017
Gabi Steindl in Okinawa

Gabi Comes to Town

Bumping into old friends is part and parcel of the photographic World. When one works within specific boundaries of imaging such as action sports, automotive or whatever there will always be protagonists within that realm that stand out, who travel and who’s paths are destined to cross yours on numerous occasions. Gabi Steindl is one such character. I have always maintained my connection with the Ocean. I always look for ways to combine the Ocean aesthetic with my work. It’s […]

01 Apr 2017
Photographing spaceships in Okinawa

I see no (space) ships!

I set out in search of spaceships, and came back with moody imagery of an Ocean in turmoil. It was what turned out to be one of the clearest days, weather wise, in about a week. With the sun shining and a brisk Ocean breeze I set out from my base location in the Sunabe region of Okinawa with the idea to cycle the 17Km or so to Cape Zanpa. For those of you into cycling, doesn’t it always feel […]