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Monthly Archives: March 2017

26 Mar 2017
Family Photoshoot Giveaway

Family Photoshoot Giveaway!

Have you always intended to get that fun Family Photoshoot arranged but never quite gotten around to it? Well time is running out and especially so if you’ve got young kids in the mix. As parents we all cringe when we see just how fast that precious family time slips past, before we know it the kids are all grown up and definitely not into the family hugs and squeezes that, image wise, go to make great family moments and […]

24 Mar 2017
Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel

Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel

Nakagusuku Haunted Hotel, certainly Okinawa’s most impressive ‘Haikyo‘ or ruin, is found to the West of the tourist attraction that is the Nakagusuku Castle, unlike the Castle however, this infamous resort is not officially open for public access. It is at this point that I must add that this post should not in any way be deemed as an green light, an open invitation to visit the crumbling remnants of what were at some point in time one man’s dreams. There are […]

22 Mar 2017
Amelia's Photoshoot

Amelia’s Photoshoot

Amelia’s photoshoot was looming, it had been cancelled twice previously due to inclement weather. Given the time of year the rain was to be expected. I’d come to Okinawa as a wildlife photographer looking to diversify my imaging portfolio adding people imaging to my quiver of services offered. If I am to make a living with imaging it needs to be in a genre with greater demand in the mainstream, something with greater appeal to the public in general. Thus […]

18 Mar 2017
Shooting RAW

Before and After: The Power of RAW

Shooting RAW images when you can will allow you a much greater creative freedom when it comes to editing. The downside of course is the fact that shooting RAW given the amount of data it requires will reduce the amount of images you can fit on your memory cards. This is why most people elect to shoot only .jpeg images, a compressed format that allows greater quantities on memory cards but way less editing leeway ‘after the fact’. Imagine if […]

16 Mar 2017
Okinawa Pit Vipers

Jungle Dwellers and Creepy Crawlies

Okinawa Pit Vipers, or ‘Habu’ as they are called locally, inhabit every regional environment throughout Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands. Whilst two of the three main species are found in the North, all three can be encountered in the Southern regions of the island. The most prolific and common of the three is the Princess or ‘Hime’ Habu. Relatively sluggish in its movements it has been known to bite those who inadvertently step on it during nocturnal hours and people […]

14 Mar 2017
Trash Bags and Scotch Tape

Trash Bags and Scotch Tape

Trash Bags and Scotch Tape! It never ceases to amaze me that these two commodities rank as probably the most important accessories to figure in any photographic gear bag. Take yesterday for example. Along with an additional 13 Photographers I was part of a shoot in Okinawa, Japan for the SK-II cosmetics line for Women. Some 140 leading global luminaries and brand ambassadors in the form of bloggers, ‘YouTubers’ and even one member of a popular K-Pop Girl Band converged on […]

11 Mar 2017


SCUBA Diving has played a large part in my life. It is after all where I started out with my imaging almost 25yrs ago, sheesh how time flies. It’s weird but you know when in earlier years of your life you have a ‘moment’ when you imagine “What would life be like if I (insert life adventure of choice) ….” I had one such moment with SCUBA Diving. As a kid growing up on the South Coast of England I […]

08 Mar 2017
Shooting Samantha

Shooting Samantha

“Shooting Samantha”? Hmmm, I’d been wondering about the name of the blog entry I was already starting to formulate in my mind about this, my first model shoot on the island of Okinawa. Truth be told my first real model shoot, period! I’d helped people with imagery in the past, a wedding here, a party there but for the most part as a direct result of friends requesting a few piccies, that and family events etc. This was a whole […]

06 Mar 2017
Cancelled photoshoots

When the Model Cancels

Cancelled photoshoots. I’d been waiting for the day for a while. Having just made the move from Yokohama to the ‘paradise’ setting of Okinawa and as I’m diversifying my imaging options I’d booked a model for a first test shoot. I say ‘booked’ as it seems the given term in the grand scale of things. Truth be told, with the large US Military presence there’s a sizeable community of folks, may of them service dependants who get involved with the photographic […]